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We will not be accepting new registrations from parents till further notice.

A Safer Way For Kids To Travel To School/Home & Peace Of Mind For Parents, While Creating Opportunity Within the Community To Earn An Additional Income

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The 1st Android Mobile Application in Malaysia,  to provide a safe & convenient way for your KIDS to travel to School/Home or to a Kindergarten/Daycare/Tuition Centre. Kidz Carpool provides a secure and reliable solution by connecting Parents and Carpool Drivers that live within the same area to assist in giving your KIDS a ride


Kidz Carpool Interview on TV3 - Malaysia Hari ini

Travel safe with mifold Malaysia, Our Child Safety Partner

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Kidz Carpool Is Now in Indonesia


Top 12 Reasons, Why You Should Register Your Kids For A KIDZRIDE

Registration is FREE
Affordable & Fix Monthly Fees
View Live on Map KidzDriver on Road 
Pickup/Drop-off Confirmation Message
Extra Safe, Safety Belts are Compulsory
All Pickup/Drop-off only at Entrance
No More Long Hours on the Road
Extra Safe & Comfortable Ride
KidzDriver Interviewed &Verified Safe
View Background/Details of KidzDriver
Choose/Confirm Preferred KidzDriver
Use same KidzDriver Monday to Friday

Does your School Transporter offer all the above benefits?


Join Us Now As A KidzDriver, Drive Part Time And Earn Up To RM2,000/Month Or More. Suitable For Those Who are Single / Married / Housewife / Retired / Working Full time or Part time And Looking For A Part Time Job Or Income

Registration is FREE
No Hidden Charges or Fees
Full Monthly Payment is Guaranteed
Choose & Drive on your Fix Free Time
Only Drive in your Prefered Location
Drive same Kids from Monday to Friday
All Pickup Schedule on Non-Peak hours
No Age Limit for KidzDrivers Vehicle
Uber/Grab/Taxi Drivers Can Register

How does Kidz Carpool work?

Successful Match between Kids & Kidzdriver 84%

Youngest KidzRide Passenger 3 Years 9 Months Old

Join Kidz Carpool today, our app 
is available on Google Play

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Education Centre Partners
( Tier 1 - Partnership Program )

Kidz Carpool ECP Partnership Program provides a reliable solution to cater to your education centre transportation needs. Interested to find out more?

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Learning Fresh

Learning Fresh has inspiring young minds since 2011. Located at Jalan Gasing, PJ and Taman Melawati, KL, we are very much at the centre of the community. We believe in creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment where children can strive, not only in academics but also in their social and emotional well-being.

Our educational methodology is heavily influenced by Reggio Emilia and Montessori approaches. A child-centred environment that provides children with appropriate tools to encourage independence, enthusiasm, and confidence in their course of learning. Our passion for education is to spark curiosity in children and to help them develop a love for learning. Learning Fresh aims to provide a true understanding of the demands of the 21st century and strives to curate meaningful learning experience to our children. 

Sekolah Tinta

Welcome to Sekolah Tinta, Malaysia’s STEM School Model that inculcated the KSSR curriculum. STEM stands for the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is an educational system that combines the four STEM subjects through an integrated approach, one that offers hands-on and relevant learning experiences.

Therefore, Sekolah Tinta has taken the initiative to structure an educational system that incorporates new ideas, technologies, and innovations based on STEM education and to build inspirational individuals by instilling Islamic values within the children. The implementation of STEM is conducted through several programs that have been arranged thoroughly to provide a complete exposure to the children to use their ideas and to enhance their knowledge that would be beneficial for the real world. 

Kingsgate International School

Kingsgate International School is located in the Bukit Jalil area, adjacent to Technology Park Malaysia. Kingsgate is managed and operated by Global Services in Education (GSE) which is one of the world’s leading education management teams with a global footprint of more than 20 schools across Australia, USA, China, the Middle East and now, Malaysia.

Kingsgate embraces an innovation philosophy reflecting the beliefs and values of Leonardo Da Vinci. We offer Kindergarten to Year 13 programmes based on the International British Curriculum. Our students are challenged as well as nurtured, guided and developed as independent learners. The way in which we deliver the highly academic British Curriculum balances creative and scientific approaches. It is hands on, practical and engaging. The open, colourful and modern classrooms encourage multi-sensory learning and practical activities. We even have our own Harvard inspired ‘Innovation Lab.’ Many describe our classrooms as the most beautifully designed classrooms in the region.

Kingsgate International School is breaking conventions and will continue to set new standards for education in the region.

Asia Pacific International School (APIS) 

Established in 2012, APIS uses a British-based curriculum developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations at both the primary and secondary levels. The programme is focused on fostering academic excellence and preparing students for IGCSE examinations. Children are encouraged to take an active role in their own learning by setting personal targets and evaluating their own progress.
The primary programme gives students a framework to develop Mathematics, English and Science skills, and the secondary programme follows the same pattern. Students are assessed in Year 6 and Year 9 on their readiness to embark on the IGCSE examinations. In addition, students have a choice to learn French, Arabic or Mandarin as a foreign language.

With small-sized classes, APIS is able to individually track students. Teachers take time to speak personally with students to help them set achievable targets and to motivate them to progress on to the next level with confidence.
The School offers a range of extracurricular programmes that include robotics, mixed dance, music classes, public speaking, speech and drama. The sports activities include fencing, shooting, football, basketball, aikido, netball, swimming, gymnastics, taekwondo and badminton.

Asia Pacific Smart School (APSS)

Established in 2006, APSS offers the Malaysian curriculum, set by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia for children aged 7 to 17 years. APSS was recently awarded the maximum 5* accreditation by the Ministry in recognition of its outstanding teaching and learning. The primary medium of instruction is Bahasa Malaysia, with STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) being taught in English at all levels.
Each student is carefully nurtured in preparation to sit for and obtain the best possible results for their UPSR and SPM examinations.
The School’s curriculum also goes beyond academic excellence, as it exposes students to a wide range of non-examination subject areas, in order to holistically enhance their skills and character.

With a strong emphasis on technology as an enabler to support learning, APISS continuously adopts educational practices that encourage analytical and innovative thinking capabilities. In addition, its low student to teacher ratio allows more attention to be given to the individual needs and capabilities of each students in the classroom.

Extracurricular activities offered at APSS include speech and drama public speaking and music classes. Students can also participate in various sporting activities that include basketball, netball, football, swimming, shooting, gymnastics and tennis.
As a result of the school’s holistic approach in creating well-rounded individuals, APSS students have achieved great success in sporting, science and creative competitions.

Whether you as a parent prefer a Malaysian or International education, Asia Pacific Schools will provide a first-class educational environment that will meet the needs of your child, and enable him or her to develop into a well-rounded, confident, inquiring and ethical thinker and leader.

Eight Virtues Montessori Preschool  

Eight Virtues (Hybrid Montessori) principals focuses on filial piety, brotherhood, etiquette, trust, loyalty, righteousness, integrity and humanity. 

Upward Learning  

Upward Learning is a community driven enrichment center that focuses on helping students prepare for their future. We offer an American curriculum for students from early childhood through elementary, middle and high school. Our academic program is college preparatory and holistic, preparing each individual student for success for their particular path in life. We are committed to nurturing students in an environment of care and acceptance enabling them to achieve, think, communicate and become well-rounded global citizens. We hope to inspire students to become achievers and leaders in the community and eventually in their field of interest. 

Centre for Special Needs Education  

CSNE provides inclusive spaces where together we take an active role in making real differences in each other's lives, positively impacting our community. We enable students to become productive and effective members of the society as well as support inclusive education.
CSNE by MINDSPACE is a reactive unit that desires to respond and cater to your needs. If there is anything that you feel would benefit your family and the community, please get in touch with us - together we can make it happen.  

Step & Smile  

Conductive Education promotes the comprehensive development of the child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive self. This is done through active learning and the continual practice of functional skills. The activities are tailored to meet the need of each child’s unique ability. Goals are set for each child and gradually upgraded to promote the development of skills, including fine and gross motor, self-care, communication, academic and social skills. We are using our dedicated centre and equipment based in Sri Hartamas, KL to bring together children into a group environment as the principles of Conductive Education believes that the group setting is the best learning environment for children. Members of the group motivate each other while focusing on their individual goals. Children are grouped together by age and ability.


xSpace is a one-stop centre for community activities. We provide programmes for all ages, kids, youth and adults. Our aim is to starting things while you are young. XSpace provides a place where the interests and talents of those from all walks of life can be identified and nurtured. XSpace allows everyone to find out things that they like and what they could develop further through a variety of activities. An environment to access, gather and participate in positive and cool activities that can be related to life, fun and interests. Through XSpace, it is a great way to get to know other community members through learning, sharing, caring and engaging in creative communication whilst exercising confidence. 

Our Effort to Support the Community

Kidz Carpool collaborates with Associations & NGO's  

Kidz Carpool is a Community Driven Program. We are always reaching out to assist the right people within each community to earn an additional part time income as a Kidzdriver

Marketing Partnership

Kidz Carpool appreciates the support from our Marketing Partner


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